The Best Dog Nail Clippers guide

Best Dog Nail Clippers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews
As a sincere pet owner, keeping your dog’s nail trimmed is very much important for proper foot health and overall wellbeing. Otherwise, excessively long nails can hurt your dog, make difficulties to walk, and in worst cases, increase the risk of growing a variety of nail disorders. So, it is essential to trimming your dog’s nail on a regular basis.

Now, it is the big challenge to find out the best dog nail clippers to groom your pet, because there are so many options for choosing and it can be more difficult to know which option is the best.

After detail interviewing with three veterinarians and two pet groomers, we have justified some top-rated nail clipper brands and selected safari nail clippers as the most significant tools to trimming your pet nails. Specialists recommend this trimmer as sharp, durable, reliable and ideal for all-sized dogs.

There are also some other best dog nail clippers available on the market, and it is essential to choose the right one based on your dog’s size and nail shape. Mainly, clippers are divided into three categories: Guillotine, Grinder, and Scissors are useful for all types of dog breeds.

Here we have shown a comparison table with the detailed review of top 10 dogs nail clippers that will help you to choose the right one for your dog.
Trimming your dog’s nails can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a crucial grooming process that should become routine. Using dog nail clippers offers several benefits other than simply avoiding the sound of long nails on your floors.

Superior comfort when walking: When a dog’s nails become long, they start to curve inward, which can be extremely uncomfortable for even the simplest of walks. Your dog will begin to manipulate their steps and gate if their nails get too long, and that can cause injury or poor posture.
Prevents injury: Dog parents know that long nails can hurt if your pup accidentally digs into your skin. Long nails can also hurt other animals that your pup might be playing with. Nails can also chip and splinter if left untrimmed, potentially causing injury when your pup scratches themselves.
Avoid infection: Long nails which are beginning to cause your dog pain can break the skin or cause inflammation. Side effects can be an infection and extreme pain when your dog walks. Keeping your dog’s nails maintained will help prevent infection, illness and pain.
Keep your home intact: Any animal in your home who has long nails can possibly tear into the carpet, bedding or furniture. Make sure your home stays beautifully intact by cutting your dog’s nails with trimmers regularly.
Short nails = a happy pup: When your dog’s nails are short, they likely won’t cause any pain or discomfort. A comfortable dog who can run and play is a happy dog!