Stevenson, Washington


Some of the best fishing stories in the Northwest start from a small town in Skamania County. Stevenson is home to the net-breaking prehistoric sturgeon and Chinook salmon, which are fascinatingly abundant in the Columbia River. The riverside destination in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge is a launching pad for endless activities and free sights. If you forget your fillet knife, there’s always a dozen other alternatives. Historic tours, fishing trips, golfing expeditions, wine and culinary tours, and outdoor adventure await on the other side of the gorge. The county seat of Skamania County is an excellent place for things you did not deem imaginable—drenching in a waterfront festival, catching a salmon, or even picking wild huckleberries.

Restaurants and Dining

Even with the lack of the winter winds, Stevenson can become extremely chilly. The array of restaurants help residents and locals alike warm-up for the day’s worth of activities. The city’s award-winning craft brewery offers excellent deals for warming up. The Walking Man Brewery has gained a steady reputation; its patrons come from around the world. Most of their beers are served in Stevenson’s local restaurants. Joe’s El Rio has spicy Mexican foods such as burritos, enchiladas, and tacos, paired with wicked selections of bottomless margaritas. For a great atmosphere and delicious Northwestern cuisine to match, opt for Big River Grill or the Cascade Room. Both have the Columbia River Gorge as their backdrops. You can also enjoy both casual fare and fine dining at the waterfront deck of 120 Bar & Grill.

Best Hotel Accommodations 

If the lusty Gorge winds are what lured you to Stevenson in the first place, your only choice for lodging would be the Columbia Gorge Riverside Lodge. Located at 200 SW Cascade Avenue, the lodge is just a few steps away from windy Bob’s Beach. The lodge has grounds that serve as popular launching pads for any kite boarder and windsurfer, without the price tag offered by Oregon. The lodge also has extremely competitive rates for each of its rooms. Guests retire to their own front decks, hot tubs, and spacious rooms. Skamania Lodge is located within the Gorge’s Scenic Area. The resort features a 22,000 square-feet conference center, an 18-hole golf course, and luxurious spa services. Moreover, its proximity to the Columbia River makes it ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. Book your Stevenson Hotels with

Things to Do

Once you’re full with Northwestern treats, proceed to Stevenson’s great outdoors for hiking and biking opportunities. Beginners in hikers will agree that Hamilton Mountain’s gentle slopes seem to be catered for novices, while experienced and intermediate hikers will love Dog Mountain’s great views and wildflower carpets. The giant monolith of Beacon Rock is friendly enough for an average hiker to reach the summit in no more than 30 minutes. Spectacular views of the Pool of the Winds, Rodney Falls, and Stevenson’s own gorge await nature lovers. Other activities such as snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing keep the trails busy throughout winter, while sailing, kayaking, spelunking, hunting, fishing, and windsurfing activities abound throughout the rest of the year.

Tourist Attractions

There’s plenty of sightseeing opportunities in Stevenson. Multnomah Falls, the United States’ second tallest year round waterfall, is just 15 minutes from downtown. The 500-pound, 11-foot-long, and 70-year-old sturgeon at Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery is quite a sight. Bonneville Dam itself has fish ladders that kids will love seeing. Tourists can also cross a part of the Pacific Crest Trail for a dollar at The Bridge of the Gods, which has unparalleled and unrestricted views of the lovely Gorge. Tourists can also tour through the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum, which has been designed for all age groups.