How the circle of friends can have a big influence on your child and what you can do

Just what hit me over time nevertheless , and particularly in the last several years, is the fact that our success is obviously more often than not comes down to the people you decide to use to spend our time with.

How smart you are.

How talented you are.

Where you were born.

Family members environment you grew up in.

How the circle of friends can have a big influence on your child and what you can do 

These may all play some role as to how successful you will be in life, in comparison to the impact of surrounding yourself with people who is able to lift you higher, it doesn’t compare.

An individual maybe born into riches but live an unhappy life, while someone from more humble origins maybe able to reveal their dreams in gargantuan time. All due to the company they keep, which affects their way of considering and so resulting in a mindset for success.

Our habits determine the person we become. Environment optimization is an important one which may have a profound impact on your well-being.

Want to be successful? Surround yourself with successful people.

Need to be happy? Have happy people.

Want to be healthy? Surround yourself with healthy people.

Desire to become more confident? Encircle yourself with confident people.

In essence, we be a little more like the people we spend time with.

It’s like what Jim Rohn tells us: “You are the average of the several people you spend the most time with. ”

Take a moment to reflect on the following: Who else are the people you spend most time with? Do they elevate you or bring you down? Are they proactive go-getters exhibiting qualities that you admire or people who just sit and criticise? Do these cards motivate or empty you?

The awesome thing about being around positive minded individuals, who have a habit of chasing their dreams and consider in taking responsibility for their lives, is that you’ll be inclined to grow in a positive path as well.

They are going to have an impact on your thinking and consequently your behaviour. They will support you on your journey and move you towards motivated action.

Maximise the quantity of time you spend with these people!

“Associate only with positive, focused people who you can study from and who will not drain your valuable energy with uninspiring attitudes. By developing associations with those committed to frequent improvement and the pursuit of the best that life has to offer, you should have plenty of company on your way to the top of whatever mountain you strive to climb. ” – Robin the boy wonder Sharma

The amazing thing about where we are today in phrases of technology, helps you00 literally surround yourself with inspiring people (e. g. through Twitter, Facebook and sound books). As a result, I have put together a few ideas including these more modern methods, how you can get started creating a more optimal environment for your own personal growth and success:

Attend events in your local town/city that charm to your interests, can help you learn something useful, or arouse your curiosity. Ensure that you bring your business cards together with you!
Seek out out people who have skills/qualities that you enjoy and learn from them. Never assume that they may have nothing to learn from you. We are able to always learn something from someone, no matter of where they are in their own life.
Minimise the time you spend hanging out with the wrong crowd and unhealthy influences, e. g. pessimists and the ones that can harm the chance for accomplishing success.
Go through more. Books, blogs, and so forth. You will be subjected to inspiring success stories, broaden your library of knowledge and nurture your creative thinking.
Listen to audiobooks/podcasts when you are travelling and/or relaxing.
Follow educational people and people who you can learn from on social media channels.
Subscribe to newsletters, which will add value to your life and help you towards your goals in life.
Keep perspective. While it may be important to spend your time with those who are more successful than you, it is also perfect for your development to continue to be around those who are at the same stage as you (so ideas and the journey can be shared) and those below you, who you can encourage and share your intelligence with.
Spend less time in front of the TV and your smart phone, and more time getting out there and hooking up with people. You just never know very well what it might lead to!