2 Tips For Selecting Your Group’s Drivers For Road Trips

One of the most interesting choices made by groups of friends on overseas vacations would be the primary mode of transport. For many, the choice of a road trip via a rented car is the way to go. This affords them flexibility, privacy, convenience and a unique bonding experience. Yet, with this option comes the decision of allocating drivers for the trip.

Driver Choice Considerations

This is not as simple as choosing the best driver or having everyone be designated as a possible driver. Instead, there are restrictions, practical and financial costs to be taken into consideration. As a leading daily car rental Singapore company, we have written this article to explore these variables and give you a simple guide to selecting drivers for your trip.

Age Restrictions

Do make certain to find out the legal driving age in foreign nations before you make the journey. Not all nations have the exact same legal driving age as your homeland, and therefore would leave you with a terrible shock when attempting to rent. It is advised that you contact car rental agents in the nation in advance on your eligibility.

Should you be travelling in a group and intend to rotate drivers, then do find out whether the remainder of your group is similarly qualified to drive the rented car.

Keep Drivers to a Minimum

With that said being stated, we suggest contacting the car rental business if there is an added fee for every extra driver. Some firms require that you pay an additional everyday fee per vehicle driver, despite whether they wind up driving or otherwise. Even if they do confirm an extra cost, you can ask for a discount should you only be with your spouse. Sometimes, these companies make concessions for couples, but this practice differs from company to company.

Familiarity and on the job experience should also be taken into consideration. The longer a single member of your party drives the car, the more use he or she will be to the car. Constantly switching drivers in and out from a large group would mean lesser competence with the vehicle over the trip. In an unfortunate sudden event, it is possible that the lack of familiarity of experience with the car could lead to a negative event.

Transmission Type

It is easy to overlook given that your group may possess a cars of their own, yet the transmission type plays a vital function when choosing a car to lease. For starters, your team’s car driver licenses would determine whether everyone is qualified to lease a manual car or only automatic cars.

Nonetheless, in addition to the license eligibility, you should additionally consider everyone’s comfort level with each. If your group is not familiar with manual transmission cars, then automatic cars would offer you a more comfortable trip, though with higher rental costs.