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Why Cookies Container Are Valuable

As already pointed out, cookie containers are utilized as either attractive or utilitarian glass or ceramic jars. They are found in kitchen areas and various other living areas throughout north America. However, cookie containers stem from a different nation, and a different continent entirely.

History of cookie containers

Its origins can be mapped back to eighteenth-century Britain. These very early variations of the cookie container, originally called biscuit containers or biscuit barrels, employed an easy design. They were round in shape and constructed out of glass with a metal cover. Besides that, they were decorated with numerous floral patterns, such as leaves or different flower forms.

The cookie container come to be a prominent utilitarian object in the USA a century later, especially in the 1920s, during the Great Depression. As a rather inexpensive commodity, cookie jars came to be a popular means of enhancing homes, and they found other usages besides holding biscuits.

Collecting valuable cookie containers

Cookie jars are highly popular enthusiasts’ objects. Often individuals collect them for one personality or style, sometimes because they evoke the nostalgia of their youth and the cookies of days gone by.

Rates begin at around just $5 for a relatively usual standardized instance, and boost with rarity and time. Vintage examples are particularly sought after, and examples from the prominent makers discussed stand a great chance of an inflating value over time.

Similarly classic British and Victorian products will be extra costly, as they were made by hand through machine mass manufacturing.

Nevertheless, numerous enthusiasts can grab some great items relatively inexpensively at flea markets and pre-owned sales, on eBay, or passed down from their moms and dads. Another perk of accumulating cookies containers is that there are many in circulation. Enthusiasts can concentrate on one manufacturer or design, or just accumulate anything they like.

The rise in popularity of cookie containers

If we have anything to do with it, cookie containers will stage a little bit of a comeback this year! After all, a wonderful means to make your guests (and your family) feel right in your home is to set out an arrangement of cookies that claims, “Help yourself.”

Some cookie containers are particularly uncommon, and these cookie jars are typically extra valuable. The rocketeer cookie jar, as an example is rare and on a regular basis sells for about $500 in good condition. The McCoy Mammy jar, also known as the Aunt Jemima cookie jar, is one more instance of one that is rare. Even in damaged condition, one of these sold for almost $200. Others, like the charming yet far more usual strawberry cookie jar or maple bear, cost under $100 in great condition because they are easier to locate.