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Importance of Regular Aircon Servicing

Singaporeans would know how hard life would have been if there were no aircons. Perpetual hot and humid weather causes a lot of discomforts unless you are in an air-conditioned environment. These ACs may cost thousands of dollars, depending on the capacity and configuration you’ve chosen. They’re meant to last for a decade, but it is essential to get aircon servicing done regularly. Listed below are the benefits of regular aircon servicing.


Aircons retain their peak efficiency when they’re cleaned and serviced properly, as per schedule. Aircons continuously deal with dust and humidity and filter out most of the airborne particles. If the filters are not cleaned in time, the aircon works harder to get the temperature to the set point. Restricted airflow causes slow cooling and increased energy consumption. Please visit aircon energy efficiency blog for more tips.


Aircons are durable appliances and can easily last 7-8 years without giving trouble. A non-serviced AC could start giving trouble as early as two years. The aircon system is a closed-loop of the compressor, refrigerant and pipes, evaporator coil and condenser coil. If any of these is affected, it will cause an impact on all the other components. During professional service, the coils are cleaned, the filters may be replaced, and the pipes and compressor are inspected. When you keep your aircon regularly serviced, there is little scope for trouble.

Low Cost

The cost of getting an AC serviced is significantly lower than getting the simplest of repairs. Professional technicians are well trained, and they have a keen eye. They can detect problems that you may not be able to. By fixing a problem in time, you’ll prevent your AC from damage and potentially expensive repairs. If parts need to be replaced, hundreds of dollars may need to be spent.

A major part of the servicing consists of cleaning the various parts of the air conditioner. It is extremely simple to perform a basic cleaning, which, itself, it very beneficial in keeping your AC in top order. All you need to do is to clean the filters fortnightly. The evaporator coil is just behind the cover of the indoor unit. Use warm soapy water to remove the debris. Similarly, for the condenser coil, clean it and remove all debris. Just these steps will keep your AC cooling fast


This is, perhaps, the biggest factor that goes in favor of regular servicing. There are companies like MCL Air Conditioning, which provide aircon servicing in Singapore. Getting an AC serviced is as simple as going to a website and getting the plan booked. The technicians visit as per your convenience, and the service is done without requiring your attention.

Consider the other scenario – You’ve neglected service, and the air conditioner starts to malfunction. When the cooling slows down, you call a technician, and he informs you of a repair that’ll cost 500 dollars. High-cost and then the inconvenience of not having an air conditioner for days (depending on how long it takes to repair the unit) should be convincing arguments in favor of regular service.


Needless to say, an appliance works best when it is well maintained. An air conditioner’s performance degrades by 5% for every year of service missed. Wouldn’t you want that years after purchase, your aircon cools as fast as a new unit? The answer is a definite yes.


During professional service, the technicians inspect the aircon for any signs of damage. They clean the filters, coils, and unclog the drains. Since the air conditioner operates in a humid environment, it catches dirt easily. Servicing and cleaning are, therefore, necessary as per the recommended schedule. MCL provides reliable aircon servicing throughout Singapore and undertakes aircon service, repair, installation, and gas recharge.